Hogyan frissítsük NSMXpress berendezésünket?

Hogyan frissítsük NSMXpress berendezésünket?



Use the following procedure to upgrade to NSM 2007.3 on an NSMXpress appliance.

  1. From NSM Software Download page, click NSM.
  2. Download the file nsm<version>_servers_upgrade_XX.zip (listed as Regional Server upgrade or Central Manager upgrade).
  3. FTP or SCP this file onto your NSMXpress appliance.
  4. Log in as the admin user, and enter n when prompted to run the setup wizard.
  5. Execute sudo su - and enter the admin password to gain root access.
  6. Confirm the unzip utility is present on the NSMXpress appliance by executing the following command:

    # which unzip

    This provides the location of the file if it is available. If it is not available, use the following procedure to install this utility.

    # yum install unzip

  7. Navigate to the directory where you saved the management system installer file (typically the /tmp/ subdirectory).
  8. Execute the following command to unzip and save the two files   (nsm<version>_servers_linux_x86.sh, upgrade-os.sh) and a directory (apps-rpms) on the NSMXpress system:

    # unzip nsm<version>_servers_upgrade_XX.zip

  9. Run the following command to automatically start the installation.

    # sh upgrade-os.sh nsm<version>_servers_linux_x86.sh

    The installer begins a series of pre-installation checks that ensures:

    • Installing the correct software for your operating system.
    • All the necessary software binaries are present.
    • Correctly logged in as root.
    • A previous version of NetScreen-Security Manager is installed preceding the current version you are installing.
    • The system has sufficient disk space and RAM.
    • The installer then stops any running servers.
  10. Type 2 to specify that you want to upgrade both device server and GUI server.

    The installer next prompts you to configure additional options specific to your installation during the upgrade. This can include:

    • Configuring High Availability
    • Configuring interoperability with NetScreen-Statistical Report Server
    • Configuring backup options
    • Configuring https ports

    If applicable, follow the installer prompts to configure these options.

  11. Type y then press Enter to restart the server(s) when finished or type n, then press Enter, if you do not want to restart server processes. The script prompts you to verify your upgrade configuration settings.
  12. Verify your settings.  If correct, type y then press Enter to proceed or type n, then press Enter, for the installer to return you to the original selection prompt.

    The upgrade proceeds automatically with the installer performing the following actions:

    • Extracts and decompresses the software payloads.
    • Upgrades the device server.
    • Upgrades the GUI server.
    • Installs the HA server.
    • Sets start scripts.
    • Performs post-installation tasks such as removing the staging directory and starting the server processes (if configured).

    Several messages display to confirm the installation progress. The installer runs for several minutes, then exits.

  13. After the successful installation, copy the installer file nsm<version>_servers_XX.sh to /var/install directory and run the following commands as follows:

    # rm -f NSM-RS
    # chmod 755 nsm<version>_servers_linux_x86.sh
    # ln -s nsm<version>_servers_linux_x86.sh NSM-RS
    Note: (Replace NSM-RS with NSM-CM for Central Manager in the above commands)