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Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) is one of the most exciting technology companies in Silicon Valley today. It develops and markets networking products, such as routers, switches, network management software, IT security products and software-defined networking technology.

Juniper is the third largest market-share holder overall for routers and switches used by ISPs. It is also the second largest market share holder for firewall products. Juniper is an industry leader in open, programmable networks.
As the company has a strong focus on research and development, it is not surprising that Juniper was one of the first companies to recognize and address the potential impact of cloud computing on the network. In addition, its software engineers are among the most respected ones in the technology sector.

The company’s main principle is creating simplicity. By embracing new technologies such as IoT, big data, multicloud, and – more recently – blockchain, Juniper has managed to provide end-to-end advancements in network security, automation, performance, and scale, in order to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services.

Among Juniper’s customers are the top 100 global service providers and tens of thousands of the most influential enterprises in the world. The world’s biggest and busiest wired and wireless carriers, content and Internet service providers, cloud and data center providers, and cable and satellite operators run on Juniper Networks. As do major banks and other global financial services organizations, the world’s top-ten telecom companies, energy and utility companies, and more than 1,400 government organizations and institutions around the world.
In 1998, following a two year period of research, Juniper shipped its first product, the revolutionary M40 router, which far surpassed all other routers on the market. Since then, Juniper Networks has produced some of the industry’s most groundbreaking innovations across every aspect of networking technology:

  • The Junos One family of processors is an integration of hardware and software that pushes the boundaries of network performance.
  • The simplified network architecture spans the routing, switching, and security markets. Juniper developed some of the industry’s most advanced network innovations, such as the Juniper Networks Converged Supercore, the Universal Edge, the vMX, MetaFabric Architecture, and Juniper Unite.
  • The Junos platform enables a single automated operating system across the routing, switching, and security products, making customer networks simpler to manage and scale over time.

Juniper’s biggest customers include Deloitte, LogiTech, Polycom, Revlon, Rossmann, Samsung, Telenor, VMware and Xerox, among other leading-edge companies across many industries.

RelNet and Juniper

Right at the inception of RelNet in 2004, Juniper became its first vendor. Our company, as a licensed distributor, was at the forefront of introducing Juniper’s products on the Hungarian market. This strong and long-lasting cooperation made Juniper Networks one of the most important network security operators in the country.

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