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RelNet - IT Security and Networking

RelNet Technology Ltd. is an IT distributor company specialized in integrating and supporting cybersecurity and networking solutions. All our business processes are customer focused; the key to our success is the professional quality of our work. We consider it as a form of respect that global market leading vendors like Juniper Networks, Pulse Secure or Extreme Networks have been honoring us with their partnership for many years. We are proud of the fact that the number of recurring clients is remarkably high in our customer base. For us, it is of the utmost importance that our expertise is widely demanded in designing and implementing complex and critical projects, as well as in trainings related to these.

Sales activities are carried out by our almost 200-member nationwide reseller network – consisting of system integrators mostly - , providing a complete geographical coverage in Hungary for the technologies and services distributed by us.

RelNet Technology Ltd. was founded in 2004 and since then it has been profitable in every financial year, with continuous revenue growth. Our 2018 revenue was more than 1.8 billion Hungarian forints (cca. USD 6.3 million) which represents 20% growth compared to the previous year.

Quality and Environmental Policy
Apart from its distribution activities and related product support and consulting, RelNet Technology also pays special attention to the continuous education of the sales channel (both resellers and end users) to keep pace with the ongoing technological development of the solutions in the company’s portfolio. This is crucial for maintaining successful market presence, satisfied partners and end users. In 2017 there were 44, and in 2018 47 different professional events (trainings, presentations, conferences, and workshops) organized by us or with our collaboration.

We consider our employees and their accumulated business relationships, sales and technology experience and expertise to be the most important "asset" of our company. This forms the basis for our long-term and sustainable value-creation capability and competitive advantage.

The long-term efficiency of our operations can only be achieved if our services are tailored to the needs of our customers and the society, while also maintaining compliance with the regulatory environment. High-quality performance, environmental awareness together with our efficient quality and environmental management system guarantee to reach our objectives. Our integrated management system covers the sales, operations, client support and training processes, and is based on the following key components:

Quality Management
We consider quality management as a tool that supports regulatory compliance, sustainable development, business continuity, risk mitigation, and long-term competitive advantage.

The Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System applied to all the processes of RelNet Technology Ltd. meet the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Certificates can be downloaded in Hungarian and English here:

Customer Focus
RelNet’s business processes are geared towards our partners’ and customers’ expectations. The measure of success is our customers’ satisfaction with our performance, and their loyalty to the company.

Building Partnerships
We are partnering with our suppliers, resellers and other organizations in a manner that results long-lasting and highly beneficial business relationships for all parties.

Process-centered Management, Continuous Development
Being consistently process-centered and the continuous process evaluation assure quick achievement of our goals with optimal resource utilization. Therefore, we are integrating the basic principles of continuous improvement into our daily operations as a key element.

Human Resources Development, Involvement
Our human resources determine the quality and success of our performance. We actively support our skilled and proactive employees to achieve greater creativity, continuous learning, innovation and effective knowledge exchange.

Social Responsibility
We earn the trust of the community with our environmental and social sensitivity. By saving resources throughout our products’ whole lifecycle, we are enhancing our credibility and the respect of the society.

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