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With a worldwide presence of 130 partners in over 90 countries, CoSoSys is a privately owned company based in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), the heart of Transylvania, Romania. It develops solutions that prevent data loss on devices accessing and storing sensitive data.

CoSoSys award-winning flagship product, Endpoint Protector provides on-premise full DLP for enterprise and small to medium businesses.

CoSoSys offers a rich portfolio of cross-platform security products and features for device control, data loss prevention (DLP), and eDiscovery for Windows, macOS and Linux, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android, as well as the development of applications for portable storage device encryption and enhancement. The products can be deployed in hours, simple enough for any IT Administrator to use, all from one centralized web interface.
CoSoSys portfolio
The company was founded in 2004 with a strong business focus on software development, marketing and support of applications working with portable storage devices such as USB Flash Drives and flash based MP3 Players. In January 2011 CoSoSys has been acquired by Astaro, Europe’s leading vendor of Unified Threat Management. Today, the company is managed by a team of experienced German executives that have gathered vast knowledge in several technologies and markets.
CoSoSys won numerous, well-known awards. This includes being named a winner of the Deloitte Technology 50 fastest-growing companies and the winner of the Cyber Security Excellence awards multiple times.
Some of the most prestigious organizations who use CoSoSys data security products include Credit Suisse, Deutsche Post, eBay, the French government, Lockheed Martin, Mafilm Audio (Hungary), Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Suzuki, and Toyota.

For more information on the Endpoint protector - the DLP solution of CoSoSys - visit our Youtube channel: